Mobile apps have
found their voice

xtone provides patented technology and platform services that make using enterprise mobile apps
hands-free and eyes-free

Deliver intelligent
mobile customer care

Offer new features, improve customer
experience and lower cost

Compelling audio
experiences for mobile
media publishers

Expand your content to audio with
voice control for users on-the-go

Monetize mobile with
conversational ads

A brand new interactive ad format that plays audio and listens for user instruction


Virtusa and xtone Partner to Bring Voice Assistant Solutions to Enterprise Mobile Apps

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Voice-controlled News App to Debut at CES International

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Go to market in 6-8 weeks with our enterprise and media products


Rapidly differentiate, improve user experience, increase usability and reduce customer care costs

Voice Assistants

The xtone Voice Assistant is an intelligent agent that lets users complete tasks by speaking naturally to their mobile app. A Voice Assistant can understand spoken input, respond to a query, collect information to complete a task, or simply help a user navigate to a destination in the mobile app.

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Virtual Agents

xtone Virtual Agents process naturally spoken customer service requests, ask clarifying questions and respond intelligently to connect the user to the right Customer Service Representative or to fulfill user requests by accessing web or mobile services.

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Expand your content reach to users on-the-go and while monetizing it with our new Conversational Ads

Conversational Media Platform

The xtone Conversational Media Platform transforms publisher content to audio. The audio content is streamed to mobile devices and presented using a mixed modal interface (voice-driven or touch) that allows users to quickly access and listen to the audio of their choosing.

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Conversational Ads

xtone Conversational Ads use the power of voice to transform mobile ads. They enrich the mobile media experience by creatively engaging users to provide an immediate and satisfying connection to the brand.

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Deliver mobile conversational experiences...developed with xtone's advanced web technologies.


Use web technologies to build conversational apps

The xtone platform is the only commercially-available development and deployment environment designed to let mobile app developers add voice-driven, mixed-modal, write-once/run-anywhere interfaces to their apps in a straightforward and scalable manner.

xtone Technology
xtone Architecture

We offer a managed service to enterprise customers for enabling voice assistants in their mobile apps.

Developers enable their mobile Apps by integrating our Mobile Plug-in via the provided API. The Plug-in connects to the xtone Cloud to fetch and render Voice Assistants on the device.

Voice Assistants are developed using HTML5 along with our JavaScript SDK and our Voice Interface Markup Language.

The xtone Cloud provides a Natural Language Understanding engine, speech recognition and transcription services, OA&M and reporting tools to help us ensure high task completion rates on our platform.

With the Virtusa / xtone solution, innovative enterprises can differentiate their mobile apps with an engaging conversational experience that will establish industry leadership, build brand loyalty and ultimately reduce customer care costs.
Frank Palermo, Senior Vice President,
Global Technical Solutions Group, Virtusa.

About Us

We transform mobile apps with conversational user experiences


We provide patented technologies and platform services that enable hands-free, eyes-free conversational interfaces in mobile apps.

We believe that mobile users are ready for voice assistants. With close to a billion apps downloaded, users are spending 32% of their time using apps (not including web, Facebook, games). These mobile users are also spending approximately 15 hours a week on the road, a period of time where mobile apps are unusable safely. While on-the-go these mobile users are using their voice with Siri and Google Now to access content. Today enterprise customers have very few choices for providing Siri like experiences in their mobile apps to expand usage for users on-the-go.

At xtone, we provide products, tools and technologies that enable enterprise customers to rapidly add voice assistants to their mobile apps.


At xtone we provide the platform for people to talk to friendly mobile "voice assistants" in order to control their apps and get things done! By understanding natural language and adapting to their users over time, these voice assistants make mobile apps more enjoyable for the user and more productive for the enterprise.

Voice assistants are just right for apps that are used on-the-go, when touching and typing on a smartphone can be inconvenient or just unsafe. Mixed-modal Voice Assistants combine a voice UI with the screen (touch / tap) to allow users to choose a modality that best suits their need.

xtone enabled Voice Assistants are offered as a Platform-as-a-Service. xtone manages and ensures the ongoing operations, performance and optimization of deployed voice assistance, with a focus on improving task completion rates and tuning the user experience.


A seasoned team with deep expertise in speech solutions

Daniel Price

CEO & Chairman

Dan our CEO, is a seasoned entrepreneur who has successfully built and exited businesses in the customer interaction technologies industry. Most notably Dan founded PriceInteractive which is now Convergys' Speech Solutions Line of Business, whose automated systems enable several million speech IVR calls a day. Under Dan's leadership PriceInteractive became a premier solutions provider to fortune 100 enterprise customers industries included telecom, insurance, banking and retail.

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Vishal Dhawan

Founder & CTO

Vishal our CTO, defines and executes the product and technology strategy for xtone. Prior to xtone, Vishal was CTO at PriceInteractive (now Convergys Speech Solutions) where he led the company to deliver the largest speech enabled IVR platform in North America. Vishal is also the key inventor on the xtone patent portfolio.

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Mike Rozelsky

SVP Sales

Mike runs our sales efforts. Mike, a veteran of the Speech Industry with over 25 years of Sales leadership under his belt with Nuance, Mattersight, Voxeo and SpeechWorks. Mike's insights and experience in working with large fortune 500 customers to deliver early market products enables xtone to understand our market needs and address requirements better.

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Vinny Lal

Director Client Services

Vinny runs our Client Services Group and oversees the delivery of all of our client engagements. Vinny joined xtone from Convergys Corporation where he led solution delivery for a number of Fortune 500 clients, increasing their customer satisfaction levels while reducing their overall cost of customer care.

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Consumers have experienced a mind-shift: ...they expect any desired information or service to be available...On any device...In context...At their precise moment of need.
Forrester Research


Map of xtone's Reston office

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