Conversational Ads

Mobile ads that talk, listen and respond

Xtone Conversational Ads enrich the traditional rich media experience by adding the power of voice to transform mobile ads. They let mobile users engage with ads, and provide an immediate and satisfying connection to your brand.
With Xtone Conversational Ads, users can receive and respond to audio advertisements while using mobile apps that deliver music, news, podcasts or other audio or video content. The ads are effective even when users are driving or otherwise not visually engaged with the app. With Conversational Ads, users have an option to use their voice to interact with the ad when they hear something that captures their attention.

Conversational Ads let users:

  • Request a email / text
  • Download an App
  • Ask for more information
  • Request a phone call
  • Make a phone call


For People

A new, interesting and fun way to engage with an ad, by simply speaking. Say what you want and get a response.

For Publishers

Premium offering for premium brands that's easy to enable, scale and monetize.

For Brands

New high impact way to engage mobile users in a conversation with your brand.

The Xtone platform for Conversational Ads is integrated with the existing mobile ad development and delivery paradigm. Developers can use tools like Celtra to develop and manage their creatives and continue to use existing ad networks such as Google AdMob to manage and track campaigns.


Conversational Ad API

The Xtone Conversational Ad API is a Javascript library that enables developers to create mixed modal interactions for users. These creatives can be stand-alone audio only or mixed modal with rich media visuals developed in HTML5 or tools such as Celtra or Google Web Designer.

Conversational Ad Plug-in

The Xtone Conversational Ad Plug-in is a mobile library (iOS / Android) that in collaboration with an ad server SDK can render conversational ads developed using the Conversational Ad API within the mobile app.