Conversational Media Platform

Compelling audio experience for mobile media users

The Xtone Conversational Media Platform transforms publisher content to audio. On a mobile device the conversational media platform offers a hands free/eyes free interface for listeners to navigate, select and search content and play audio stories.


Hands-free, Eyes-free

By transforming publisher media to audio, publishers can reach their users on-the-go. Voice control provides a safe experience for drivers on the go.


Users can interact with the mobile app and listen to the stories they are interested in. They can hear what they want, when they want.

Conversational Ads

The conversational media platform lets publishers monetize mobile advertising with Xtone Conversational Ads, a new rich media ad format that plays audio and listens for spoken input.



The Plug-in is mobile software that renders the user experience on the mobile phone.

Media Assistant

The Media Assistant is a set of cloud services that delivers the user interface for interactive media access.

Audio Content Engine

The Audio Content Engine (ACE) transforms print content to audio. The tasks performed by the ACE include content aggregation, production (human read and TTS) and delivery.